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Aromatherapy Massage



Aromatherapy is a commonly known relaxation technique, but it also can be used to ease many health related issues. It is the use of essential oils and the essential oils are extracted from the parts of herbs and plants and contain all the properties of the plants themselves to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. There are several ways of applying the oils, including adding the oils to your bath, or inhaling them, but the most popular and effective is through massage.



The oil is applied in long sweeping strokes which warm the skin and muscles and prepare the body for deep tissue massage. Once the muscles are warmed, the masseur will continue with deeper massage, rolling and squeezing the skin and underlying muscles between the hands with deeply relaxing.



The Aromatherapy treatment offers a relaxing massage that is done in combination with plants oils that gives off a strong but pleasant aroma in an attempt to promote relaxation in the body and mind. It also helps to promote sense of well-being and overall healing.



During aromatherapy massage, the skin is warmed and the blood drawn to the surface, increasing circulation and encouraging the elimination of toxins from the body, which has the consequence of speeding up recovery time from any illness or injury. The manipulation of the muscles continues the process, whilst at the same time releasing tense knotted muscles by dispersing the build up of lactic acid which often occurs after exercise.

As the circulation increases, the oils are absorbed through the skin and carried round the body, allowing their healing effects to permeate to all the major body organs. Says Ali Headeach, aromatherapist from Margate, UK: "By the time the massage is over you should be deeply relaxed, and feeling calm. Sometimes people even fall sleep."

  • Reduce stress

  • Fights depression

  • Relaxation of tired and stressed muscles

  • General physical and mental revitalization

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Encourages a quick and good sleep

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