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At Massage@Le, we specialise in a wide array of massages, Traditional Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Back And Shoulder Massage . We believe that a good massage should be more than just a simple backrub with a twist. Our highly trained and experienced masseuses know exactly how to give you what you need, for both health benefits and relaxation.

Whether it’s upper back pain, chronic lower back aches, muscle and joint soreness or a strained neck that you are dealing with or whether you just want to relieve the tension and stress of your day. We’ve got just what you need right here at Massage@Le. 

We don’t advocate pressure-selling of exuberant packages, ensuring every visit with us is a truly enchanting and worthwhile experience. When you instinctively seek a moment of peace to rejuvenate… We are here to heal and enliven your mind, body and spirit. New era of society incites a new transformation of how the mundane life can be revitalized through the form of massage. Massage@Le provides the avenue of releasing stress and bringing joy with its wide range of in-house massages which transcend more than just mundane at competitive prices! Pamper yourself now at our sanctuary. Surely Satisfied and Rejuvenated. Welcome to Massage@Le!

Our Cole Values

Customer First – Meeting customer interests is our top priority. We carefully design all customer experience touch points to be free from stress or anything that does not
serve customer’s best interests. Willing to be flexible in order to meet customer
demands whenever possible.

Caring – We strive to be considerate for customer and employee’s interests and find
ways to help them whenever possible.

Professionalism – We take pride in and uphold our profession’s ethics and code of
conduct as wellness and beauty professionals in an industry sometimes marred by
unprofessional practices.

Passion – We seek to cultivate an environment where our people want to be at their
best and strive towards that.

Value For Money – We believe in providing customers with superior value for money all the time, not just once. We constantly improve the total customer experience to stay
ahead of the competition.

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